"I wish doctors would inform their patients about the right treatment for them“, says the daughter of a patient treated for pancreatic cancer



Many coincidences hae brought Mr Vilem (60 years) to the
Proton Therapy Center in Prague. He went for a medical examination because he had a new GP and it was insisted upon because of his age. "When they diagnosed me with having a high blood sugar level, I thought I had diabetes. After that, I started to lose weight and had major bowel problems. I had several examinations with my stomach – all seemed clear. It was only when my skin turned yellow, they performed a CT at the hospital. I was diagnosed with pancreatic carcinoma the size of a size walnut. Surgery wasn't possible in my case and the doctors only mentioned chemotherapy. It was my daughter who found about the possibility of proton beam therapy.

"We were not concerned with reimbursement at the time. I was informed that proton therapy was the right treatment for me and, fortunately, my insurance covered it“. Vilém started 18 sessions of proton radiation and commuted from Southern Czech to Prague every day. The treatment was ok: "I have never experienced a better approach to patient care“, he stated today, one month after treatment. His health got worse towards the end, when the treatment was combined with oral chemotherapy. “At that time, I lost my sense of taste, but now, I can eat almost anything”, says Vilem, who is a former butcher. He feels well, albeit somewhat weak. He now faces another cycle of chemotherapy which will show whether the disease has progressed. "I am happy that we have chosen treatment in your center. I only wish doctors informed patients more adequately about this modern method of cancer treatment“, states the daughter of Vilém.

Comment: The name and photograph have been changed for reasons of confidentiality.